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Outback Trips & Itineraries

Tri State Safaris located in Broken Hill offer tours ranging from 1 day to 12 day duration. Most  tours start and finish here, however we often program charter tours that can leave from other nearby locations. For more information about each tours offered and obtain full itineraries, departure dates and prices please email tours@tristate.com.au for more information. https://www.tristate.com.au

Short Trips

One to three days in duration. Feel free to leave your van here at Warrawong while you explore the outback for a few days or longer in your vehicle. You can pack a tent or stay atone of the station stays on the tour routes. We can even book a head for you.

White Cliffs

White Cliffs is an opal-mining town where residents mainly live underground to escape the heat. Ninety-eight km from Wilcannia, this bizarre moonscape-like landscape is comprised of thousands of hillocks of earth dug and discarded in the quest for opals. White Cliffs has a last-frontier kind of appeal. Its quirky, laconic residents have many stories to tell of wealth won and lost. The miners work, live and breathe their unusual underground existence. At the Pioneer Children’s Cemetery, you can learn about the harsh early history of White Cliffs or follow the self-guided heritage trail.


The origin of the name Tilpa comes from the Bakinji word “Thulpa which means Flood waters, the Darling River has been known to flood up to 70km wide in Major floods. This small community in Outback NSW is set in semi-arid, dead-flat terrain with red dirt highlights. It’s 130 km north of Wilcannia and well worth a stop along the road that follows the Darling River between Bourke and Wentworth. The highlight is a visit to the century-old Royal Hotel where you can enjoy the hospitality of a real bush pub – and a thirst-quenching drink. You can go fishing for Murray Cod in the Darling River and boating. Don’t forget to purchase a fishing licence at the Royal Hotel. The region has prolific birdlife and wildlife, making it a great destination for camping, bird-watching and bushwalking.


Is a delightful village situated on the Cobb Highway 220 km North West of Hay and 183 km. The township provides visitors with a pleasant break to their journey in an Outback pastoral community. Friendly people, clean amenities, landscaped recreational areas and a self-guided Heritage Trail enable visitors to enjoy a short break and gain an insight into the town’s interesting past. Ivanhoe is the south eastern gateway to the Accessible Outback. Situated 200km east of Menindee, the township provides a pleasant break in an outback pastoral community. Town services include limited accommodation, Hospital, licensed Club, Hotel, Cafes, Postal facilities and fuel outlets. Ivanhoe is on the Long Paddock Touring Route.

Cobar and Nygan

Located on the eastern edge of Outback NSW. Cobar is at the crossroads of the Barrier Highway and Kidman Way; Nyngan is at the junction of the Mitchell and Barrier highways.   Remnants of Cobar’s rich mining tradition can be seen in the old mines and at Fort Bourke Hill. When there’s good rain, bird-watching at the Macquarie Marshes, 64 km north of Nyngan is a must-do experience. You can also wander along a self-guided heritage trail to see many fine 19th-century buildings around Nygan.

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